The Balearic Islands are one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, a place many couples choose in order to make their greatest wedding – expectations come true.

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, all of them meet the requirements for the wedding – celebration of your dreams. Culture, a wonderful weather, gastronomy and stunning views, the perfect mix for a perfect wedding. And you can make it happen.

If you love the Mediterranean lifestyle, the beach, the sun and the most delicious seafood, take a look at our tips. Check out the following post! Here we go with the essential tools for your perfect wedding – experience on the sunny islands!

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Ibiza and Formentera

The Ibiza Wedding Planner

If you are looking for a prestigious wedding planner that talks your language and who will offer  an unbeatable service, The Ibiza Wedding Planner should be your choice. After carefully listening to your suggestions, wishes and ideas, this team will handle all the features in order to fulfill your most demanding expectations. Settings, flowers, deco, music, banquet and much more, you can entrust it all to them. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Vilacakes Ibiza

Make your sweetest dreams come true and serve a delightful wedding-cake to your guests. At Vilacakes you will have a huge variety of options from which to choose. From XL cakes to cute little individual cupcakes, these pastry experts will create the most delicious piece of art you have ever tasted. The bakery’s team is also a specialist in baking and decorating delightful cookies. Here goes a great idea: be original and set up a cookie-bar during the feast! Fantastic!


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Chic Events Shop Ibiza

If your intention is to celebrate your wedidng at home, at a desertic beach or in the middle of a savage forest, set it it up for the occasion with the most awesome deco-items. At Chic Events Shop Ibiza you will discover the most unsuspected deco-articles. Cookie and candy – bars, garlands, candles, and tablewear  in a million forms and colours, you’ll want to take it all!


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Mari Luz Diseño y Moda

Ibiza is known for keeping it’s own style in fashion. This applies also to wedding dresses and accessories. Never heard about the Ibiza bohemian chic? At Mari Luz Diseño y Moda you will find an amazing variety of wedding dresses in the latest local and international styles. Romantic princess-dresses, casual and cool vintage gowns, all the trends and designers you can imagine, this boutique holds plenty of high quality treasures made of tissue. The boutique’s team will welcome you offering a friendly attention and help you choose the best dress according to your personal style and appearance. Check it out!


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Paolo Scarpa

If you want to celebrate a unique wedding, include unique details that make the difference! Live music during the ceremony or any other chapter of the event will be a hit! Paolo Scarpa is an Italian musician that with nothing but his outstanding and spectacular voice and his guitar will fill your wedding with the music you prefer. Jazz, blues, rock, classic or any other melodies you may desire, Paolo Scarpa will create a completely personalized soundtrack for this occasion. Wouldn’t that be something else!


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Dipesa Group

The bride’s arrival to the church or venue is one of the highlights of any wedding. Dipesa will provide you with an elegant vehicle that will suit your needs and taste. Luxury cars with personal driver for the bride or the couple, besides buses for the guests’ transfers, on your wedding you deserve the most exclusive high standard vehicles and the most gentle attention. Besides, don’t worry about your budget, their price-list is affordable.

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Marewa Formentera

If you have in mind an intimate wedding with only a few guests, consider hiring a private chef! Marewa Formentera will impress you with a very special menu, including appetizers, which will be customized in order to adapt it to your needs and preferences. The chefs will cook on-site, with fresh ingredients of exceptional quality. There’s no limit concerning the kind of cuisine. Local or international dishes, vegetarian or gluten – free, any choice will be more than delicious. Rely on this splendid team and enjoy a wonderful five – star- Marewa -experience for your wedding!

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Gecko Beach Club Formentera

Weddings in Formentera are special. Wonderful landscapes with stunning sights, a little paradise on earth surrounded by the famous and most awesome beaches of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. We can’t imagine a more captivating scenario for a romantic and absolutely unique wedding. And neither can we imagine a more overwhelming wedding – venue than the Gecko Beach Club Formetera. Located right next to it’s own beautiful 150 m – long beach, amidst palm trees and flowery gardens, this luxurious boutique hotel offers elegant terraces, halls and stunning views, the most exquisite cuisine and tons of elegance and glamour. A splendid place for your banquet and for your photo – shooting. Do not hesitate, the occasion is worth it. You don’t get married every day!


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Rutas es Boixets

Floats appear only in fairytales? Probably yes, but wouldn’t you love to make one your wedding? The company Rutas es Boixets will provide you with all the necessary for the bride’s arrival to the church or venue: gorgeous and elegant floats, majestic horses and  chauffeurs,  all carefully decorated and suited for an amazing staging. Besides, if you wish, your chauffeur will lead you as a wedded couple to some charming spot of the island for a magnificent photo – shooting. Sounds too good to be true!


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Es Moli de la Sal

If you are passionate about seafood, sunny beach-landscapes and you want to celebrate a sailor-style wedding you can make it real at Es Moli de Sal. This enchanting and fancy restaurant bears all the tools and features for an original sea side wedding. A luminous dinning room with fantastic sights, a wide and spacious terrace, the best cooks and seafood of the area, and surroundings that transmit nothing but peace and harmony. You will also have the possibility to arrive by boat to the venue and the staff will escort you to the restaurant. What a brilliant idea!


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Turn your wedding venue into a flowery work of art! Artnatur wil be your best ally when it comes to filling your wedding with the most precios flowers on earth. The boutique’s prestigeous team is specialised in creating unique and personalized deco – designs for weddings, making use of flowers of highest quality, freshness and beauty. Their innovative vision of decoration for venues and special events,  their art – inspired style and exceptional professionality  will assure you an absolutely dazzling setting. They have thousands of varieties available, so just pick your favourite blossoms and let these artists settle the perfect arrangements and bouquet!


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Vicky Pulgarin Catering

One essential issue for an unforgettable wedding – celebration will be the menu that you and your guests will enjoy during your greatest day. The catering service from Vicky Pulgarín, a national TV cooking – contest winner, knows this very well. Their recipes are inspired by the local traditional gastronomy and elaborated with the most outstanding regional products. Creativity, innovation and excellence perfectly describe this experienced professional team. They will listen to your suggestions and offer different options in order to compose your ideal banquet. Without any doubt, Vicky Pulgarín Catering will bring the most delicate and distinguished tastes to your bridal meal!

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Mhares Sea Club Restaurant

We can’t imagine a more romantic scenario: the deep blue sea, surrounded by green and flowery nature, an elegant restaurant with amazing gardens and magical views. If you search for a wedding venue that will make this event completely unforgettable, this is your place. The Mhares Sea Club Restaurant offers this fascinating venue for exceptional wedding celebrations, including the civil marriage. Also, you won’t need to worry about complementary services like deco, flowers, music and photographer. The club’s team will take care of all, according to your guidelines and ideas. You just relax and enjoy your most special day!

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Esteban Garí Photographer

Your wedding lasts one day, the pictures will last forever. No matter if you celebrate your wedding at a glamorous venue or at home, Esteban Garí will catch with his camera each feeling and emotion of your fairy – tale. His professional skills and artistic style will document every chapter of your wedding, creating a unique artistic album, according to the photographic style that most appeals to you.


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TST Events

Choosing the right music for your wedding will make the difference if you wish to add a personal touch to this day. The TST Events team will help you create the perfect wedding-playlist, selecting the songs that will cheer-up your great entrance, your walk down the aisle, and the tunes that will kick off your wedding – party. And for your convenience, you won’t need to worry about the watch. TST Events will let you enjoy and move to the rhythm with no regard of any limited schedule!


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Vivi Eventos

These wedding-planners are specialists at creating the most memorable storybook weddings, choosing the best venues and wedding- features (music, photographer deco etc). They also hold their own specific deco service that will transform your wedding-venue in the most spectacular and charming setting, revealing a silent message of deepest love and complete happiness.


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Restaurant Menestralia

Yes it’s possible: You can make your most eccentric dreams come true and get married in a castle-like venue! At Restaurante Menestralia, located at what used to be one of Mallorca’s medieval castles, the restaurant’s venue – halls still keep some legacy from it’s past. Large spaces with a cozy atmosphere, high ceilings, arches and stone-walls, a fantastic site, both during Mallorca’s summer paradise and when the island becomes a winter-wonderland, where your bridal meal will consist of the best local cuisine….don’t miss it!


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Delicias y Mimos

Surprise your guests with an impressive and original wedding-cake! One traditional big or many individual tiny pies, it’s completely up to you. Delicias y Mimos will serve whatever you prefer. Striking cake-ideas, candy bars or donut towers, you can’t imagine all this pastry can provide you with in order to sweeten your wedding!


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DJ Bass

Make your wedding a great party! Let a good DJ play the perfect soundtrack and craft a wedding-reception where life – entertainment will ensure some extra fun! Dj Bass will adapt his song-list to the wedding – style and to your preferences, no matter where. Get married at a classy venue, at the beach or at your home’s backyard, this experienced DJ will set it with the most appropriate musical notes!


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Novias Guajara

On your wedding, you deserve to feel very special and look more beautiful and spectacular than ever. At  Boutique Novias Guajara you will find a huge variety of wonderful and unique wedding dresses that will match your style and budget! First class designers, the latest bridal fashion – hits and the most elegant accessories, at this boutique you’ll find all you need in order to look like a princess when it comes to whispering the most important “yes, I do” of your life. The boutique’s team will treat you with kindness and lead you through all the dress options until you find this one that is  completely perfect for you. Just drop in or ask for an appointment!


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Natalia Brichs Events Wedding

You have imagined your wedding a million times, with every single little detail perfectly fitting in this one big ensemble? The Natalia Brichs Events Wedding Team will rise to the challenge and meet your greatest expectations. These specialists in organizing the fanciest and most genuine weddings will consider your priorities and ideas in order to design a fabulous and memorable celebration, handling all the necessary features. From finding the ideal venue, to deco, lightning, music, flower arrangements and much more, leave everything in the most professional and trustworthy hands. You just relax and enjoy!


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Sunta Estilistes

Obviously, the main character of this wedding fairy-tale will be the bride, who should look gourgeous for this one in a lifetime – occasion. At Sunta Estilistes the team will take care of your beauty and personal image, making you shine brighter than ever before.  Hair, nails, skin and make up, these stylists will create a personalized beauty – program so that on your most unforgettable day, your look will be the great highlight, attracting everyone’s attention. You deserve to be your wedding’s star!


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Acústic Menorca

This Ciutadella – based business will be of great help when it comes to issues like sound, DJ and lightening for your ideal wedding. The Acústic Menorca team has one very clear aim: To design a personalized setting for your wedding, creating a unique ambience according to your personal – and wedding – style. No challenge will suppose a problem for them. Their expertise and talent assures you an exceptional and harmonic result: An amazing wedding with all the pieces of the puzzle perfectly fitting together.


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Floristería Es Bonzais

We are sure nobody can deny it: one thing a wedding can’t miss are the flowers. Flowers will spread colors, fragrance, elegance and freshness all over your wedding-venue. Flowers speak their own silent language, which will transmit your most special message of this special day. Floristería Es Bonzais will provide you with all the key items in form of flowers so that you can express all your love, appreciation and gratitude towards your friends and family. Local and exotic species, at this boutique you’ll find the most unexpected samples.

Compose your message and let the flowers share it!


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